Why is Social Networking Important to Hotel Marketing?

This seems like a Basic enough question, why bother?  Ie never done it before and everything is just fine……but is it?  Lets just take a small and logical analysis of a common hotel brand.  Motel 6, by Accor, which has over 1000 locations across North America and Canada.  Each and every Motel 6 has a “mini-website” hosted on Motel 6 main website http://www.motel6.com/.  Do you suppose that each of these 1000+ websites was individually designed and optimized for each specific location, I say no.  In fact, most of the individual websites are nearly identical with “keywords” that are predefined to target the most common search terms, in fact not very customized at all!  Case in Point, I happen to live in Amarillo, Tx which according to the motel 6 site has two locations.  In fact this is inaccurate, there are actually three motel 6 locations according to google maps!

Looks like the theory that well enough is enough is starting to unravel.  In this specific case at least ONE of the three motel six locations is not even being correctly advertise by its own company!  Then if one were so inclined to look up the words Amarillo texas hotel we would find that not a single one of the Motel 6 properties appears in the top 50 of a google search.  In fact the number one listing on a google search belongs to http://www.ambassadoramarillo.com/, an INDEPENDENT hotel!  They may need to contact US!

Do you still think that social networking and SOE are not important?  Having a corporate “mini-website” and not optimizing its placement is like having an open sign and not putting it up, it just doesn’t make any sense!


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