Personal Branding

What a great video, see below, this really got me thinking about how important it is to optimize your hotels website!  The two, personal branding and hotel website marketing, really correlate!  Lets take a look at the example I gave in our last Blog, Ta Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo, Tx  When one does a google search for Amarillo Texas hotel it is the first site to list, well above any o the branded hotels in town!

These other hotels rely on their “brands” marketing to fuel their websites, for the most part.  The Ambassador, on the other hand, is an independent hotel, it had no brand to fall back on.  In order to compete on the internet the Ambassador had to create itself, or brand itself.  This personal attention outdid the millions in corporate advertising budget, giving them top placement.  Now I can attest that the Ambassador is a fine hotel and deserves priority billing in it’s market, bu is it the TOP hotel?  There are other, newer hotels in town, some with better amenities or facilities, many with the strength of a national brand behind them.  Therein lies the key,  the other hotels relied on generalized advertising instead of making their presence specific unto themselves.  They forgot about their personal branding!  View the video and let me know if you do, or don’t, agree with me!

Authentic Personal Branding from William Arruda on Vimeo.

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